• Areaof Study FOOD SERVICE

    GradingCriteria : The Culinary Arts/Hospitality Academy grade isbased on classroom participation, completion of written assignments, volumefood production, sanitation, safety, customer service, professionalism,teamwork, and attitude.  The rules,regulations and expectations found in the Academy are based on those found inthe industry.  A daily grade will begiven to each student based on  KNOWLEDGE,  SKILLS  and ATTITUDE.

    Attendance:   Students who are serious about successfullycompleting this course should make every attempt to be present and on time forevery class meeting throughout the school year.  

    If an absence isnecessary, a parent, or a guardian should notify the Attendance Office bycalling 914-248-2422 prior to class. Students must bring in an absence note, signed by a parent, or aguardian, on the day they return to school, stating the reason for the absence.  Legitimate excuses will change the daily grade from a “0” to “excused” or “legal” absence.     

    Students who arrive after attendance is taken (8:05am,  10:05am & 12:05pm) are LATE. 

    Two late arrivals are equivalent to missing a full hour ofclass (Will Jeopardize Driving Privileges).

    The Weekly Classschedule is divided into three daily sessions:

    1st session:  8:00am-10:00am        2nd session:  10:00am – 12:00pm       3rd session: 12:00pm-2:00pm

    Appearance:  Students will be required to arrive to classin a clean, complete uniform consisting of: Chef Hat, Chef Coat, Apron, LongPants, Shoes or Heavy Sneakers.

    Students must washhands thoroughly before starting class.

    Streethats, soiled uniforms, short pants, skirts, elevated shoes or sandals          



    Professionalism:  Students will need to practice propersanitation and knife skills, use of equipment, terminology and recipeprocedure/conversion.  Students areexpected to have good attendance, stay on task, communicate with teammatesusing appropriate language, take the initiative to stay busy and clean theirstations/equipment.         UNSAFE CONDUCT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

Last Modified on November 4, 2013