• Lighting



    This exhibit demonstrates how electricity flows into the trailer. It also highlights possible alternative sources of electricity which can be used for backup power.


    Students will be able to

    • list the sources of current electricity
    • trace the flow of energy from the source to appliances or displays in the trailer
    • demonstrate their understanding through drawing arrows on a diagram
    • explain the importance of battery back-ups

    What the student will experience at this station:

    At this station students will interact with a model that demonstrates how electric power enters your home either from the grid or alternative energy sources. By manipulating the model they can trace the possible paths of electrical current. This will show how the home owner can ensure an uninterrupted source of electrical energy during outages. They will see how the battery powered generator is used to do this. After observing the display, students will see a working model of a photo-voltaic system (solar cell) as they leave the trailer. This is an example of an alternative energy source.