Protecting Yourself and your Child from Ticks and Tickborne Disease 

    Tick season is about to begin (May-December), but ticks can become active even on warm winter and spring days. Are you "social distancing" in your yard or local wooded areas?  Here are some resources on tick and tickborne disease recognition and prevention:

    Tick Bite: What to do


    More resources can be found at:

    New York State Dept. of Health (health.ny.gov) "Tick and Insect Repellents: Deciding on their use " (available in both English and Spanish)

    CDC- Lyme Disease Resources

    Coronavirus (COVID) Resources:

    How to Talk to Kids About the Coronavirus


    From the National Association of School Psychologists and the National Asociation of School Nurses (available in other languages,including Spanish): Talking to Children about COVID (Coronavirus)



    What is COVID and how to prevent it (video)


    Coronavirus (Video)



    Coronavirus Information from CDC (videos)



    School Forms- Health History

    Student Health History Update


    Seasonal Flu Resources

    What to do about the flu



    Is it the flu or just a cold?  Here's help to know the difference.

    Cold Vs Flu


    New York State Physical Examination Form