• group shot Welcome to Auto Mechanics Program at PNW BOCES bld E
    Kevin Berge Instuctor
    The high-tech nature of the automotive industry has increased the demand for qualified automotive technicians; the salaries they command have grown accordingly. Our Auto Mechanics course can help you become a skilled automotive technician who can earn top pay and enjoy job security as well as acquire excellent transferable mechanical skills. You will learn to diagnose and repair vehicle systems, work on real cars with state-of-the-art electronic testing equipment in a modern service and repair facility, and strengthen your communications skills and mathematical and computer knowledge. Completion of this program ensures your readiness for entry-level employment in the automotive industry as well as many other mechanical based industries.
    Is it right for you  contact us at  http://pnwboces.org website for more information or Mr. Berge directly at kberge@pnwboces.org
Last Modified on August 1, 2017