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    Mary Jo Kramer

    Today's date is Monday, December 10, 2018

    Welcome.  I am an English teacher for first and second year students in the following academies:

    •    Culinary Arts/Hospitality:     Cooking, Baking, Hospitality, Advanced Baking (Chef T, Chef Jenn, Mrs. Pratt)
    •    Construction/Engineering:    Masonry (Mr. Cantamessa), Plumbing (Mr. Petriccione)
    •    Automotive Technology:      Automotive Technology (Mr. Berg)

    I work closely with trade teachers to help students create portfolios which they can use for  college, internships, and employment.  Students create and build their portfolio for the entire time they attend The Tech Center.

    In the students' portfolios there will be:

      • Employment documents such as a resume, a cover letter, a list of references, and an "after the interview thank you letter".

      • Essays based on research and/or experience acquired during their "hands on" activities in the shop that explain, describe, compare trade related projects or current trends in the industry. 

      • PowerPoint slides that identify and explain basic concepts in their trade through words, visuals,  charts, and graphs.

      • Pictures of trade related projects completed by students. 

      • Trade related math.  


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Juniors who earn a 75 or above average on their portfolio writing assignments by the end of their first year at The Tech Center will be eligible for English 12 credit at The Tech Center in their second year.  



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