• Cosmetology is the term used to include a broad range of areas, including hair, skin and nails. Some practical skills you will learn as a student are: pin curls, rollers, up-do's, blow drying, hairstyling, haircutting, permanent waves, manicures, hair removal, haircolor, chemical relaxer, and make-up. As a cosmetology student, you will have the opportunity to exhibit your creative abilities and grow into an exciting industry that has many career opportunities. At the end of the two year program provided the student has completed 1000 hours of classroom instruction, the student will have the opportunity to take the New York State Cosmetology written and practical licensing exam.


    Cosmetology Teachers:                                    Principal:                        Guidance Counselor:

           Debbie Busatti                                          Stephen Lowery                          Karen Carey

            Jill Boniello


    Spanish Cosmetology and Barbering:

                     Lucia Salvia

Last Modified on January 13, 2021