• Mr. Rob Angiello
    English teacher at Tech
    Integrated English in the following courses:
    Auto Body I and II                                                   (Mr. Steve Simpson)
    Auto Mechanics I and II                                          (Mr. JP Pegoli and Mr. Kevin Berge)
    Small Engine Repair                                              (Mr. Matt Garrity)
    Carpentry                                                                (Mr. Christian Lacey)
    Microcomputer Technology I and II                      (Mr. Joe DiCiecco)
    Architectural Design  I and II                                 (Mr. Gerry Markel)
    Construction Masonry                                           (Mr. Erik Cantamessa)


    The integrated English course is designed to help you create a portfolio that will improve your writing skills and enrich your learning in your Tech class. You will use writing to create a professional résumé, cover letter, list of references and thank-you letter. You will use writing and presentation skills to enhance your understanding of what you have learned in your Tech class. Second year students will create a Senior Exit Project. This is a multi-month project culminating in a research paper and presentation.

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