• Welcome to Dr. D's class!

    Name: Dr. Joseph De Cicco (Dr.D.)

    Email Address: jdecicco@pnwboces.org

    Phone number:  (914)248-2441

    Course Description

    This course is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to Information Technology (IT).  Students will learn about the hardware and software used in Information systems.  In addition, software development (programming, versioning, and debugging games), networking, and Cyber-security will be taught.  Although there is lecture time, this is a “hands on” class.  Students will be learning by actually completing projects such as programming games, building and maintaining the PC lab environment, troubleshooting computers, and installing computer operating systems.  The first major goal of the class is to answer the question “Is a career in IT for me?”.   Once the student has determined a career in IT is for them, the next goal is what area of IT is of particular interest to them.  Software development is quite different from networking.  Students will learn what particular areas of IT interests them by actually completing projects in each area.   Completing these goals will put the student at an extreme advantage as they begin choosing a particular college curriculum, and as they enter the workforce.  

    Areas of Study:

    This is a two-year program.  In the first year students will learn about computer hardware and software.  We will be going over material found on the A+ certification exams.   In the second year, the students will learn about networking and Cyber-security.

    Since software development requires the most “hands on” practice it will be taught the entire two years intermingled with the other topics listed above.  Students will be programming typical computer games as software development projects.  They will also be debugging the programs they have built.  

    Two hours a week will be devoted to academic English.  During this time the student will be preforming projects which include job search skills (creating resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, and a “tell me about yourself pitch”).  Other projects include building a student’s ideal computer and a detailed research study of 3 colleges that they are interested in attending.  These two projects require the student to give a presentation at their conclusion.  All presentation skills will be taught as needed so no prior knowledge is required.   In the second year the student will be asked to create a detailed five-year life plan and will present it also.  An academic English teacher comes into the classroom during this time.

    One hour a week will be devoted to academic Math.  Math topics and assignments include the type of math necessary for the Information technology field.  Example topics include binary and hexadecimal conversions.  An academic Math teacher comes into the classroom during this time.


    Classroom Expectations

    Students are not required to have any prior knowledge of computers before entering the classroom.  Students are here for two hours and should expect to work every day for the entire two hours.  In addition to lecture time there is always a project assigned and students should be working to complete it.  Projects are designed to be completed during class times so that help may be given as needed.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work.  Assignments and study material are always online.  Students are always encouraged to ask questions.



    All study materials are provided by me and are available on line.  Students may access my study materials electronically anytime and anywhere.  The study materials are written by me and contain all the information for my lectures and any information needed to complete projects.  The study materials are designed to contain all of the information so no additional note taking is required by the student.  However, the student may take their own notes if they desire.  All of my study material is organized neatly into modules and I use, and explain where all materials are kept, during class time.   My study materials may be updated (usually to add clarity) and any updates are always discussed in class.   There are advantages to having the study materials this way.  First, it allows for any updates in information technology to be quickly incorporated into the class.  It also condenses the amount of information the student needs to read to only what is covered in the classroom.  However, I do show students where to explore additional information not covered in the classroom if they should so desire.