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    Fashion Design and Merchandising

     Dior designer Studio

    Instructor:  Lisa Tobin

    Email:  ltobin@pnwboces.org


    Phone:  914-248-2219
    Please feel free to contact me.

    Fashion Design & Merchandising

    Students will be introduced to the dynamic and ever growing world of fashion.  Students will be able to create a portfolio documenting their applied knowledge.  This two year program encompasses both the design and merchandising aspects of the industry.  The design portion consists of learning the tools and basics to create a garment from beginning to end.  The fashion merchandising portion will focus on the industry’s business end.  Students will learn marketing strategies used to develop, distribute and showcase today’s fashion.  Upon successful completion of this program, students will have the necessary competencies to enter collegiate programs as well as make a significant contribution in the industry.

Last Modified on January 13, 2021