Course Name –Medical Assisting


    Area of Study –Part of the Health Academy offering. 

    This program is designed to provide students exposure to both the clinical and administrative aspects of Medical Assisting in order to prepare students for employment in physicians’ offices or hospitals as just a few examples.  This course can be a one or two year program.  Students who complete the second year may be eligible to take a national certification exam.


    Grading Criteria –


    Medical terminology





    Textbook –

    Today’s Medical Assistant Clinical and Administrative Procedures


    This program is your path to an exciting career working side by side with doctors. As the medical field continues to grow, the Medical Assistant is considered one of the fastest growing occupations. It is unique in that it covers both the clinical and administrative aspects of the job, and allows for many career options and advancements.


    Areas of competence include:

     Administrative skills include coding, scheduling, communications, operations, risk management medical records management, and more. 

    Clinical skills include learning vital signs, taking temperature, pulse, respiration (TPR), blood pressure, and electrocardiogram (ECG), and other diagnostic testing, as well as . You will also learn how to make entries in patient charts.


    Upon successfully completing this course, you will have received a broad and general overview of many facets of this medical field of study. Many students continue on to college. Others choose to find employment in the healthcare field.



    Contact Information –Maria Pontbriand, mpontbriand@pnwboces.org



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