•  Awards Recognition Ceremony
    Awards Recognition Ceremony
    Welcome To My Home Page!
    Retail Services
    The Tech Center at Yorktown
    Josephine Scala, Instructor
    (914) 248-2482
    Area Of Study:  This program seeks to prepare students for work in a store or office.  Using  http://www.careerzone.ny.gov , students will complete a portfolio including a career plan to meet the CDOS Credential requirements. Tasks include:  inventory, merchandise display and customer service skills. Students also learn Microsoft Office and Keyboarding skills using web based instruction, www.typingtraining.com.   Students attend internship experiences to purchase inventory and work in the community on a weekly basis.
    Grading Criteria:  Attitude, Attendance, Portfolio
    Textbook:  Retail Merchandising, 4th Ed.
    Topics:  Technology,Communication, Retail and Budgeting
    Employability Profile:   Employability Profile

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