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     Sports Medicine  
    Sports medicine is a dynamic and well sought after field. The student will have a solid basis in the field of exercise science, injury prevention, exercise rehabilitation, and health & wellness. The student will also learn about the various disease processes that are contributing to a very unhealthy population with up to one out of two being diagnosed with a "chronic disease". With this knowledge, the student will  be trained in how to do basic health assessments and will learn how to prescribe specific exercises for healthy and diseased populations.  

    This is a two year program that will be taught in a spiral format. In other words, some topics that will be taught early in the program, will be revisited throughout the program, but with a greater depth of instruction and understanding by the student. This approach will thoroughly prepare the student if he or she decides to pursue a career in the field of sports medicine.

    Upon completion of this program the student will be eligible to sit for an exam to become a certified personal trainer. The student will also have certification in CPR and will have a portfolio that they personally developed based upon their experiences in the program.

    Furthermore, the student will be thoroughly prepared academically should they embark upon a college major in the following fields. These majors include, but are not limited too: exercise physiology, physical therapy, physical education, athletic training, health education, pre-med, pre-chiropractic, coaching, nutrition, kinesiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and sport psychology.

    My goal as a Sports Medicine Instructor  is to educate and  inspire my students  through rigorous study and practical knowledge in the hopes of preparing them in a field that is limitless! The course will be challenging for all students but is guaranteed to be the best class they ever take!
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